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Titanium anode with MMO coating for swimming pool disinfection

Millions of people worldwide enjoy swimming pool activities every year. Traditionally, chlorine-containing chemicals forming hypochlorous acid have been used as the sanitizing agent. Currently, a new way to produce hypochlorous acid has been developed from industrial technique known as the Chlor-Alkali Process. Using an electrolytic cell,a current is passed through the NaCl solution liberates chlorine ions, Cl- , at the anode, and hydroxide ions, OH- , at the cathode. Chlorine produced from the electrolytic cell reacts with water in the same way as conventional chlorine containing chemicals. The products are chlorine ions, hydrogen ions, and hypochlorous acid. The use of a salt chlorination system reduces the rate of corrosion of pool equipment and bleaching of swimsuits. There is less irritation to skin due to softer human hair extensions uk water.

KaiDa offers ruthenium/iridium coated DSA titanium anode for swimming pool water disinfection electrolytic chlorinator cell. The MMO coating of the titanium anode is optimized for maximum chlorine production, with excellent coating strength and adherence to the substrate for longer service life. The combination of industry standard manufacturing of the titanium substrate and in house MMO precursor materials fabrication, enable KaiDa to provide the industry's lowest cost of ownership.




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