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Titanium anode for swimming pool

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KaiDa MMO anode


PGM catalysts
Palladium Catalysts
Platinum Catalysts
Ruthenium Catalysts
Rhodium Catalysts
Iridium Catalysts

Titanium Anode with

MMO coating:

Ruthenium (Ru)

Ruthenium-Iridium (Ru-Ir)

Iridium-Tantalum (Ir-Ta)

Iridium-Tin (Ir-Sn)

DSA titanium anode

Welcome to KaiDa Technology

KaiDa Technology Limited is the European operation of KaiDa Chemicals which is a leading chemical company in China specialized in catalyst technology related to precious group metals including platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium and iridium. We supply a wide ranges of  catalysts and compounds based on precious metal and activated titanium anode with MMO coating. KaiDa Chemical has continued to develop its technology for almost 10 years together with its low cost manufacturing operations in China, quickly establishing itself into a company which can offer  advanced technology, stable product quality and cost effective solutions. KaiDa is committed to help its customers to maximize their profits and create potential growth. With the establishment its oversea operation in London UK, KaiDa is rapidly growing into a trustworthy multinational supplier.


PGM compounds

Palladium compounds

Platinum compounds

Ruthenium compounds

Rhodium compounds

Iridium compounds

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Palladium acetate

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